Asking the awkward questions

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News Club is a fortnightly discussion event that combines writers, activists, journalists and artists with local people to dissect the week’s stories and the media dynamics behind them, taking apart what has been reported and uncovering what has been left out.


Institutional racism

Dr Kehinde Andrews and Jocelyn Cruywagen from the Lambeth UNISON Black Workers group joined us to talk about institutional racism: how it affects people locally in their workplace, and nationally where it permeates British history.

Dirty Brexit

Mat Hope and Chloe Farand joined us from DeSmog UK to talk about the big money behind Brexit and the multiple links to climate change deniers and fossil fuel industries.

Homelessness crisis

Crina Boros (Investigate Europe) and Ann Coulter (The Pavement) joined us to talk about the homelessness crisis.


Khashoggi Murder

Shyam Bhatia (former foreign correspondent for the Observer) and Mohamed Elmaazi (The Canary, Open Democracy) joined us to discuss the implications of the Khashoggi murder and the influence of Saudi Arabia on British politics.

Unreported Stories

Investigative journalist Matt Kennard and founder of Media Diversified, Samantha Asumadu join News Club to discuss a number of current affairs items that the papers have omitted. We discuss the disproportionate disappearance and murder of young black women and the influence of increased arms sales on politics.

Community Journalism

For the first ever news club were were joined by Kemi Alemoru (gal-dem magazine), Alex Wheatle (author), Shaun Dey (Reel Media) and Linda Quinn (Brixton Bugle) to discuss local stories suggested by the community. We discussed corruption around the sale of the Brixton Arches, the impact of the Nike Campaign featuring Colin Kappernick and local environmental movements.


In episode 5 we explore how the Brexit negotiations are going ahead, what the role for young people is now and what the future of the United Kingdom looks like now that Northern Ireland and Scotland have started to voice their 'Bregret'.

Episode 4: What is fake news and should we be concerned by it?

Marlene Ronstedt breaks down 'fake news' with Matt Kennard, acting director Centre for Investigative Journalism, Mayank Banerjee, co-founder Compass News, Charles Lewis, founder The Centre for Public Integrity and Palagummi Sainath, investigative journalist.  Music from Juice Rap news.






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