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newsPeeks is a bold and contemporary online media platform producing multimedia stories on current affairs and politics for a new generation.

We exist to uphold the rights of young people to know what is happening in the world, and why. Made up of a small team of filmmakers and journalists, newsPeeks offers a platform to inspire the next generation of political thinkers. Here’s how we do it.

We produce original investigations, written articles, short viral videos, reports and documentaries. We are open to bold, ambitious story pitches (no formal journalistic experience or training required), and also collaborate with artists, musicians, comedians, poets and more to break down the barriers between political debate and popular culture and create new space for our generation to express themselves on the important issues facing us today.

We also collaborate with other media outlets and produce bespoke work for a select number of like-minded clients. If you’re interested in collaborating please contact us here.

Partnered with the Centre for Investigative Journalism and based in London, newsPeeks is a learning organisation that attempts to tread new ground in engaging young people in politics and current affairs. We offer training and opportunities for collaboration on stories to an ever expanding network of young people of all abilities ranging from students to professionals. If you want to pitch a story of come an collaborate on a project, get in touch here.





Our network of journalists, presenters, writers and artists produce stories as articles, videos and short films.




Our management team runs the day-to-day aspects of newsPeeks.


Tom Quinn


Before newsPeeks Tom studied International Politics, and then developed a freelance career editing and writing. Tom established newsPeeks in 2014, with support from the Centre for Investigative Journalism.




Charlotte Knowles

Creative Director

Charlotte has over 14 years of experience working in film and television in the UK, France, Brazil, Italy and China. She has produced documentary work for the BBC, ITN and Arte and her video, film and photography pieces have been featured by national press as well as international film festivals and broadcasters.




Libby Knowles

Creative Producer

Libby is an award-winning film-maker, camera-operator, editor and producer. She has a technical background from working as an editor in the TV industry and filming live productions for major London venues. Her work has been profiled by international media festivals and cultural organisations, such as the Roundhouse, where she continues to produce a number of film, video and education projects.




Melanie McFadyean

Editorial Consultant

Melanie is a freelance journalist. She has written or co-authored four books: Where only The Rivers Run Free:Northern Ireland the Women’s War, Pluto 1984, Thatcher’s Reign:A Bad Case of the Blues, Chatto 1994, Hotel Romantika and other stories, Virago, 1986, Drugswise, Icon, 1995. She won an Amensty International media award in 2001. She has specialised in writing about asylum and immigration and generally concentrates on human rights issues.