How is social change fought for and won?


We just finished two excellent events at the V&A - REVOLUTIONS, RECORDS & REBELS conference and the #FIGHTFORCHANGE round-table event. These events allowed us to bring together activists, artists and journalists working today with activists, writers and artists who have fought for social justice over the past five decades,  in order to better understand the realities of campaigning today and how this has altered over time. Featuring exclusive recorded interviews with such prominent figures as Noam Chomsky, Kathleen Cleaver, Erin Pizzey, Red Saunders and many more, these events offered a unique opportunity to tackle some of the underlying issues around social change and social justice.

If you haven't seen the V&A exhibition You Say You Want A Revolution, check it out.



Things seem bleak - so how do things get better?

newsPeeks spoke with NINE leading activists who have been fighting for change for decades. They share how they have worked for change, and give their advice on what can - and should - be done to be successful today.

Featuring Noam Chomsky, Red Saunders, Devon Thomas, Kathleen Cleaver, Peter Kennard, Erin Pizzey, Angela Phillips, Peter Tatchell and Sylvia Boyes.