Credit: http://lifeofacameo.blogspot.co.uk/p/about.html

Credit: http://lifeofacameo.blogspot.co.uk/p/about.html

In 2015 we produced a video speaking to four young people about their voting intentions. Two years on, we checked in with two of the presenters - Natalie and Connor, to see if they’d be participating in this election, what the biggest issues are for them, and how they will be voting. This is what Natalie said.

What does it feel like to be a young adult in the UK in 2017?

There are so many more opportunities with careers, but it feels almost impossible to be able to get these opportunities. For example more houses are available but almost all houses are pricey to even rent in London. Jobs do not pay as much either so a chance to be able to afford these investments is almost impossible. I have big plans and dreams for my career and future so it definitely gets harder when you realize the realities of the government policies and how they take an affect on young adults starting out in life, most of the time it's always negative.  It’s definitely not fair

What are the biggest issues you care about going into this election?

Homes available for more people, better paying jobs, better career progressions opportunities, healthy eating.

How do you see the major parties and/or your local candidates addressing these issues?

Jeremy Corbyn with London rapper JME. That sums it all really.

So will you be voting in this election?

I will vote for Labour again. Despite their past actions they are the only decent political party that ‘almost’ care for the working class people .

What issues do you want to see getting more attention from the political parties and media?

Better paying jobs for graduates and affordable homes! By affordable I mean really affordable.

Any final thoughts?

It definitely feels like the rich getting richer and vice versa. It’s becoming quite difficult to live comfortably in this major city, especially being a recent graduate and trying to figure out how life will be. At this moment all I can do is keep on striving & working really hard to create a great future.


You can see the video on voting from 2015 below: