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Episode 4: What is 'fake news' and should we be concerned by it?

Marlene Ronstedt asks, what is 'fake news' and should we be concerned by it? Interviews with Matt Kennard, acting director Centre for Investigative Journalism, Mayank Banerjee, co-founder Compass News, Charles Lewis, founder The Centre for Public Integrity, Palagummi Sainath, investigative journalist and music from Juice Rap news.

Episode 3: How Political is Hollywood?

Ruby Clyde and Rachel Watkeys Dowie look at the dominance of Hollywood, the struggle of independent cinema and how the influence of the US national security apparatus is having an impact on global audiences.

Episode 2: What happens when you blow the whistle?

Natalya Minney talks to whistleblower and campaigner Eileen Chubb to ask what happens when people speak out against wrongdoing. Interviews with whistleblowers Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers) Thomas Drake (NSA), and whistleblower advocate Jesselyn Radack

Episode 1: How does social change happen?

Presenter Nicole Logan talks to campaigner Connor Naylor, filmmaker Usayd Younis, activist Amal to ask How Can Young People Affect Social Change? Added interviews with Noam Chomsky, journalist Angela Phillips and spoken word poetry from Rohan Ayinde.