A reminder that your vote is not between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

On the election day June 8th, you won’t be voting between Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May. Unless you are registered to vote in Islington North or Maidenhead, you won’t be able to vote for either of them at all.

Your choices will be between candidates standing hoping to represent your area in parliament. And depending on who your candidates are, they may have radically different politics to their party's leader that you hear in the media.

Theresa May has led a Conservative campaign this election that strongly emphasises herself and her leadership. The risk to the public though is that the candidates they actually cast their vote for on June 8th aren't properly scrutinised, and could have some surprising political positions. For example some Conservative MPs have spoken out in favor of bringing back hanging, reintroducing national service and privatising the BBC.

Similarly, Jeremy Corbyn's campaign is painting itself as a departure from politics as usual, especially when it comes to foreign policy. But a significant number of Labour MPs very publicly disagree with him.

So as important as it is to scrutinise the major party leaders and the manifestos, it’s also crucial you look at the candidates you have in your constituency.

You can see who is standing in your constituency by going here. It’s relatively easy to find candidates contact information and to get in touch with them personally to see where they stand on the issues that matter to you. And if you get any interesting responses, let us know! Send us an email at mail@newspeeks.com.